The Orb

„The earliest ambient influences of the Orb came in 1979 during Alex Paterson’s roadie days with Killing Joke. While with the band in Neuss, Paterson listened to Brian Eno’s Music for Films while on LSD and watched „the Ruhr steel works explode in the distance“, noting that „[t]he scene seemed to be taking place in the music as well“. The same night, Paterson was also inspired while listening to Cluster’s Grosses Wasser and found that the steel works‘ „huge metal arms were crushing molten rocks in time to the music“, which was something he’d „never seen, or heard, anything like it before“. Along with Cluster and Kraftwerk, Paterson was also influenced by other German experimental music from Can and composer Karlheinz Stockhausen.“ (aus der englischsprachigen Wikipedia)


Zu Beginn der Siebzigerjahre kam aus deutschen Landen eine Art Anti-Pop, den man heute Krautrock nennt. Einzige Gemeinsamkeit: viel Geräusch mit wenig Text. Krautrock hatte einen großen Einfluss auf andere Musiker, blieb jedoch ein Nischensegment.

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